Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's Halloween

Image by Panopticum

True or False?

1. Halloween is traditionally celebrated on the night of 31stOctober, the night before All Saint’s Day.

2. In England Halloween was called ‘All Hallow’s Eve’.

3. On Halloween night all evil spirits stayed at home.

4. Halloween is based on an ancient Celtic holiday and the name‘Halloween’ means ‘Winter’s End’.

5. In past times people put lamps or lanterns outside their housesto keep away evil spirits.

6. People believed that witches, ghosts and goblins went aroundat night looking for a living body!

7. On Halloween people dressed up as ghosts and witches sothat the spirits would not steal their body!

8. Nowadays people put pumpkins with faces in their houses.

9. The pumpkin is sometimes called the ‘Jack-o-lantern’.

10. ‘Trick or treat’ is a game children play at Halloween to playjokes (trick) or get sweets (treat).